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The first Czech livestream of the concert in 4k/50p on Youtube #Newtek, #NDI, #JVC, #Kiloview, #Allen&Heath, #Dante, #Netgear

17.4. 2021, at the end of the "Covid era", a live stream of the online concert of the Silver band called "Live 4k" took place. 


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Ing. Petr Krkavec | 11. března 2023

Similar to many other bands that tried to play for their fans online at the time, the Silver band not only wanted to please their fans, but their goal was to create an online stream and recording that would be something special, as well as technologically pioneering, innovative and timeless.

The band's collaboration with the company DISK Systems fulfilled these requirements mainly thanks to this company's great experience with modern video technologies, and the musical technological adventure could thus begin.

After the initial technological consultations and brainstorming, a vision of what such an online stream could take a real form began to crystallize. It was unequivocally decided that the streaming and recording of the concert must be technologically multi-camera with a total of 8 cameras in 4k/50p resolution. This was because the intended Youtube stream platform technically supports this resolution (stream sent to Youtube 3840x2016 with H.264 data compression and a data flow of approx. 35 Mbit/s) and also because the company DISK Systems as a technological the partner had the necessary amount of 4k JVC GY-HC550 cameras (supplemented by Kiloview U40 NDI converters) and IP video direction Newtek Tricaster 2 Elite with NDI technology support capable of real editing of up to 32 4k NDI sources. A larger number of cameras ensured a number of resources for the editors for online editing and a higher visual attractiveness of the stream for the viewer. In practice, it was clear, that the editor would not "pick up" all the best compositions during live online editing, so it was also planned to record the concert to 2TB SSD disks in individual JVC cameras in the Proress LT 3840x2016/50p format for subsequent multi-camera post-production, where it will be possible to edit everything and the maximum tune in. As for the sound, a live mix for online transmission with simultaneous multitrack audio recording for subsequent audio post-production and mix was expected. An Allen&Heath C 5000 digital mixer was chosen for this purpose. Among other things, also because the operator of the X-Stream studio in Brno, where the online concert was planned, already had this console installed in the studio. Connection between the Newtek TC2 Elite and audio console was done via Dante protocol. After the definition of this technological workflow, it was clear that the resulting stream would stand out compared to others with an image quality that would stand up even on large-screen 4k TV screens and thus raise the technological bar for other concert streamers and broadcasters in the Czech Republic. At the same time, a super-quality multi-camera recording will be created for post-production, the result of which may even be a concert film, which can also be shown in cinemas on the large screen projection (in DCP format) thanks to the high 4k/50p resolution.

Technological workflow – block diagram:


After the technological workflow was resolved, the implementation team began to think about how to visually improve the concert performance so that, in addition to the musicians themselves, something else interesting for the viewer's eye was happening on the stage, and that was an LED wall of sufficient size behind the band. Since the size of the X-Stream studio, or the space where the concert took place, was 10 x 10m, the size of the LED screen was chosen to be 3m x 13m bent behind the band at a 90 degree angle. The resolution of the LED screen with a density of P3.2mm on this screen size made it possible to project the background in a resolution of 3840 x 1080. Individual visuals were created separately for each song by several well-known and budding Czech artists whom the band approached for this purpose.

The stage still needed to be supplemented with lighting technology that would make sense for the given purpose and complete the entire visual of the concert. The company Lights.cz undertook this. She created a scene simulation with a band, LED screen and light set in the Realizzer program. This simulation allowed the cameramen and the director to imagine the scene and try out the rough composition of the shots in advance.

Demonstration of a scene simulation in the studio:

The band pre-filmed the individual songs for the concert at a click rehearsal, which the artists then used when creating the visuals for the individual songs. The resulting visual was then supplemented with a timecode track, so that the lighting engineer could work with such a background when programming light scenes for individual compositions.

Sample of the working version of the band + visual LED wall:

During the concert itself, it was necessary for the LED operator to start a video projection manually before each song, which had a recorded click for the drummer in one audio track and a timecode for starting the scenes on the light desk in the other.

How the entire stream turned out, you can watch the live stream here as it was actually streamed on Youtube:

And here you can compare with the post-produced final cinema distribution version of the concert:

(at the youtube player will be necessary manually choose 4k resolution)

Sound tracks from "Live 4k" concert are available on all major music streaming platforms.

Live 4k stream foto galerie

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